Combat! Volume 1 and Volume 2 Dual Unboxing

Game designer Ross Mortell delivers a hefty package of solitaire wargaming in two volumes. The price tag on these games published by Compass Games is on the loftier end of the spectrum. So do these two deliver bang for the buck, component-wise? Let’s find out.

At the bottom you’ll find the YouTube video of the unboxing of both Volumes 1 & 2.

Combat! by Compass Games

What’s in the box(es)

First things first, these boxes are heavy because they are both p-a-c-k-e-d with stuff.  Compass Games delivers a meaty game and follows it up with a second helping that’s just as jam-packed.

  1. Starting at the top, both volumes contain a rules booklet and a scenario booklet with Volume 2 also adding a Campaign booklet.
  2. Charts are on nice, glossy cardstock and the weapons characteristic charts are really well-done and laid out in a useful, eye-pleasing manner. There are also a couple of play mats, one to track the impulse, initiative and turns and the other for holding the enemy squads and cards for both friendlies and enemies.
  3. The counters are large and thick and printed on both sides. You get more Germans than Americans, although Volume 2 adds an additional squad. 
  4. The unit counters are color-coded by squad, making it easy to identify both your forces and the enemy’s.
  5. The order counters are slightly smaller, making it easy to see the unit counter underneath it, a helpful touch as you can end up with several of these on top of your units.
  6. There are two decks of cards, one for U.S. use and the other for enemy (German) use.
  7. The (thick) paper maps are large and varied and the terrain features are easy to identify. Between the two volumes, there are ten total maps, offering a lot of variety.
  8. Volume 2 adds vehicles and there are nice glossy cardstock sheets with details on each of the vehicles which include tanks (Shermans for the U.S and PzIVs for the Germans), trucks, jeeps and APCs.

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