The third entry in Mike Denson’s squad-level tactical series is now available, bring the action to the PTO. We’ll take a look at what’s in the box. The rundown is below, or you can…

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  • 35-page rulebook (Series Rules version 2.0 – updated version available on GMT website)
  • Several charts at end of Rulebook including a Do-Your-Own sheet for both Europe and Pacific theaters
  • 36-page Playbook featuring illustrated rules examples and several play examples as well as designer notes.
  • Game track with casualty and time tracks for scoring with Sequence of Play and several other play aids printed on it
  • 5 double-sided mission cards, 10 missions in all, bring series mission total to 42.
  • Two identical player aid cards featuring several charts (including terrain effects chart)
  • Four full and one half sheet of die-cut counters and markers
  • Four double-sided mapsheets (11×17 in.), 8 maps in total
  • Four 10-sided dice in green, white, yellow and black


  • As is the norm for GMT Games the physical components are all rock solid, well-designed components.
  • Liz Stephanoff’s maps are beautiful, with the hexes being subdued and therefore do not detract from the gorgeous terrain.
  • Counters are thick and large with the necessary information clear and easily readable
  • Designer Mike Denson’s rules are clear and easily digestible, particularly when going through the rule and play examples in the Playbook and his design notes offer a lot of insight into both the design and how to play the game.

In summary, this looks like another great entry in what is becoming a very strong tactical-level series.




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